Alpha Omega Care


The centre was founded in January 1989 by a group of concerned parents of physically and intellectually profoundly handicapped children. These parents had met with soundly shut doors each time they had sought placement for their children in an educational surrounding.

They believed that their children also had a right to acquire social skills and receive intellectual stimulation suited to their individual developmental levels.

Thus, Alfa and Omega came into existence.

The origin of the name is rooted in a rather sad possibility: Alfa and Omega was the first organisation to accommodate these individuals, but, unfortunately, it may also be the last.

There are no age limits set for the individuals cared for by our organisation, and as such, is has become a real home-away-from-home for these individuals, and will remain so as long as we are needed.

However, do not fear! We are striving constantly to raise awareness so that the stigma of our name does not come to pass, and so that we will always be here for individuals who need us.

Our Dream

It is our greatest dream to turn our care centre, now 26 years old and in time become a residential institution.

This is because in Pretoria there are no residential care facilities for profoundly, mentally and physically handicapped children, and we aim to fill that void.

This dream is a big one, but one we feel is achievable with a little help from all of you. Please, consider aiding us in reaching our dream by contacting us or by donating.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is conducted with parents and the community, to maximise effectiveness.

We aim to aid in the development and provision of stimulation and care programmes, as well as in the provision of a variety of therapeutic services for individuals who are profoundly handicapped (physically or intellectually).

We aim to create awareness of the profoundly handicapped in the general community, as well as providing community based care systems for these individuals.

We aim to work towards the recognition and protection of the profoundly handicapped in the community at large.

We aim to aid in the development of the ability within communities, as well as the recognition of the needs of the profoundly handicapped as well as those of their families.

Finally, we aim to be a bearer of hope to those intimately affected by the profoundly handicapped and their families, as well as to the community as a whole.