Alpha Omega Care

Our Services

Alfa and Omega provides many services and performs various functions of universal special care centres.

We accept:

all handicapped individuals
including tube-fed individuals
and those presenting various syndromes
We offer:

the care, stimulation and development of every individual under our care
full-day daycare from 07:00AM to 17:00PM year-round, including holidays
We could not do any of this without our safe-haven and support system, which offers:

support for and from parents
support from social services
referral to professional help
This is achieved by our family of dedicated employees, therapists and trained personnel with the aid of the various support groups, social workers and services and multidisciplinary medical teams.

We also ofter in-services training for personnel working in similar schools and centres, home based programmes.

Lastly, we constantly strive to educate the community regarding the needs of the handicapped, and will continue to do so for as long as we exist.